Saturday, July 28
Sunday, July 29, 2018
@ Goshen Fairgrounds
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The Many Faces of Litchfield’s “Second Stage”…
Litchfield Performing Arts, the not-for-profit behind the Litchfield Jazz Festival, is pleased to announce that the “Second Stage” aka the Student Stage at the Litchfield Jazz Festival this summer will be supported with a grant from the Khurshed Bhumgara Fund, a fund of the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation, Inc.

The Student Stage is an integral part of the Festival.  Litchfield Jazz Festival goers tell us again and again one thing they especially look forward to is our Litchfield Jazz Camp student performances.  They became so popular we wrapped a marquee tent around them and arranged seating so you can relax and enjoy these and all of the activities and exhibits located here.

Throughout the weekend, in between mainstage shows, this site doubles as the Artist Talk Tent ( a concept my daughter, and festival photographer, Lindsey and I borrowed from the Detroit Jazz Festival when we heard some fascinating backstories of jazz there). Lucky for us, Frank Alkyer, the publisher of a Litchfield founding-sponsor, Down Beat Magazine, is more than just great at his day job-- he is a gifted interviewer.

This year Frank will be talking to selected festival stars, including drummer Dan Brubeck, about his mother and dad and their musical collaboration; to pianist  Orrin Evans (and newest member of the renowned Bad Plus) about the  late American soul-jazz organist, Trudy Pitts, to whom his set is dedicated; and to Canadian soprano sax and flute player, Jane Bunnett, and members of her all-female Cuban-born band, Maqueque, about their 2018 Grammy-nominated record and Cuba’s music scene.

The Second Stage Tent makes it possible for the Festival to host two more Litchfield traditions--one old and one new.  From early on, the Festival has proudly hosted selected artists from the area. Well-known painter and installation artist Danielle Mailer is not only a long-time exhibitor but the creator and donor of the art that graces our official T-shirts.  If you bring yours down to her exhibit, she’ll autographic it for you!   

The new tradition is our Jazz Brunch. This popular event now kicks off the weekend with a great party that is fast becoming a sort of reunion among our regulars.  The Jazz Brunch features excellent food by Ciesco Catering (you’ll eat as well as our Artists-- Owner Charlene see to them too!)  and lovely private vintage wines from sponsor and maker of mouthpieces, reeds, and ligatures, Vandoren.  You will be on the happy receiving end of their owner’s avocation, winemaking in the South of France. The best of the best Litchfield Jazz Campers provide the music. And all of this supports Litchfield Jazz scholarships.

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