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Elena Granoth, Director

Library hours:
Tuesday and Wednesdays ~ 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Preschool Story hour ~ Tuesdays - 10:00 a.m.
Thursday and Friday ~ 1:00-8:00 p.m.
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 “Art Around the Box” Gala
Features Wine, Mystery and Steampunk
Saturday, March 25 ~  4:00-7:00 p.m.
White Barn at South Farms, Morris
The Friends and Board of Trustees of the Morris Public Library
will host their 6th Annual Art Around the Box Gala Auction Fundraiser
on Saturday, March 25, 2017 from 4:00-7:00 p.m.
at the renowned White Barn at South Farms in Morris, CT.

Art Around the Box features wooden keepsake boxes,
 painted and decorated by over twenty local artisans,
 to be auctioned live, as well as a silent
auction of art prints and artists’ proofs.

This year’s event will also have several out-of-the-ordinary
 items up on the auction block, including a Little Free Library
 donated by Rose Buckens and Jo Ann Jaacks,
complete with registration and installation, and a working model
of a Steampunk Ray Gun created by Denis Williamson,
both of which promise to be of great interest to bidders.

The reverse geocache Mystery Puzzle Box returns
for a journey that will sweep the lucky high bidders on a
delightful trip to unlock its destination and claim its prizes.

Pictured is the popular traveling Mystery Puzzle Box ingeniously
designed by Denis Williamson and decorated by artist Elizabeth Wolff.

Mystery Treasure Envelopes will also be featured
and can be purchased for $15 and $25, filled with gift
certificates and treasures from local merchants.  

Live music, wine and hors d’oeuvres will be
served throughout the afternoon’s festivities.

There are many items still being added
to the live and silent auctions, including
rock ‘n roll signed guitars and memorabilia,
and spectacular overnight stays at local venues.

Artworks by Tracy Martin to be Auctioned
 at Art Around the Box Gala in Morris
Pictured are her two artworks to be included in the live auction,
 alongside many other artworks, sports & rock ‘n roll memorabilia,
 stays at Winvian Resort and the Litchfield Inn.

Tracy Martin Harrington will be a featured artist at the 6th
Annual Art Around the Box Gala to be held on Saturday, March 25 from
4pm-7pm at the White Barn of South Farms, 21 Higbie Road in Morris.  

A Morris native, Tracy had an impressive career as a commercial artist,
trained in both traditional and technological art media. In Los Angeles,
she worked as a Production Manager and Producer for numerous Fortune 500
Companies including Apple, VISA, Sun Micro Systems, Hughes Aircraft,
Disney, and also on the CLEO Awards show.  

The event will also offer a silent auction, mystery envelopes, live
music by the band Tapestry and wine and hors d’oeuvres served throughout
the afternoon’s festivities. Tickets are $15 each, $25 for two, and can
be purchased at the Morris Public Library at 4 North Street in Morris
or at the door on March 25.

and webpage will provide updated listings.  
Tickets are $15 each, $25 for two, and can be purchased
at the Morris Public Library at 4 North Street in Morris.

Morris Public Library Presents:
March Mystery:
Blind Date with a Book
March 2017
Spring into March on a blind date with a mystery book from our
monthly book display! Exciting novels, cliff-hanging mysteries, and other
 books fascinating topics will be wrapped up for our patrons to check out.  
Enticing clues will be provided on the cover to challenge your deductive reasoning.

The true identity of the books won’t be revealed until the packaging is removed.  
These mysterious books may lead to new favorite authors and generas.  
Start the new month out with a whole new reading experience!          

For information, please call 860-567-7440
or visit us at 4 North Street, Morris, CT.

Morris Public Library
NEW!  Story and Music Time
The Morris Public Library is now offering a new and enhanced
Story and Music Hour for young participants, ages 0-4 at our usual
time on Tuesdays, at 10 am.  The new Story Time leader Ms. G.
will offer stories, rhymes, music and movement at this weekly event.
Games, craft and playtime will be the additional activities to follow.

Registration requested: 860-567-7440.
The Library is located at 4 North Street, Morris, CT.

Matryoshka Nested Doll Painting
Storytelling and Hands-on Workshop
with Marina Forbes
Saturday, April 8 ~ 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Morris Public Library
4 North Street, Morris, CT

Traditional Russian artist and lecturer, Marina Forbes,
will offer a unique workshop on the rich Russian folk tradition
of Matryoshka (wooden nested doll) painting.

The workshop is open to adults,
teens and families with children 6 and up.  
It is a great opportunity for adults and families to work
together and learn about Russian crafts and culture.

Participants will hear the story of the Matryoshka doll and will learn
about her traditional Russian dress and customs. Russian painting techniques
and floral and berry designs are also introduced. The goal is to produce
a finished piece of Russian folk art on wood. Students can work on
 7-piece, 5-piece, 3-piece or 1-piece matryoshka sets.

Throughout the workshop, participants will be listening to
traditional Russian music, and, during a brief break from the
painting, there will be a demonstration of a few steps
 from a traditional Russian "matryoshka dance."

FREE admittance
Acrylic paints and brushes will be
provided for this 3-hour workshop.
A set of 7-piece, 5-piece, 3-piece and one-piece
pre-designed matryoshka dolls
will be offered for purchase.
(required to work - $10.00-$55.00)

Participants are encouraged to form teams to
work on 3, 5 and 7 pieces matryoshka dolls.
To register or for more information,
please call the Library at 860-567-7440.

Morris Community Room
(Morris Town Hall Building)
3 East Street, Morris, CT

Library New Lego Challenge
Join us at the Morris Public Library for a new
exciting LEGO challenge for children in grades 2-6.
You will have a theme to inspire you for the activity,
create a project individually or in a group,
and choose a winner at the end!
Tiffany Catty and her son Charlie (pictured above), enjoyed the first
Lego Challenge event at the Morris Public Library on December 14th.

A group of children, volunteers and parents created their Lego
project and then chose the winner of the Challenge.  
The Library staff and volunteers will help you make your Lego challenge
the most enjoyable, educational and entertaining experience.

The program dates and time:
Wednesday, March 8 & May 10 ~ 3:00 -4:00 p.m.
Registration is required.
Children from grades 2-6 can register.
Please call the Library at 860-567-7440.

The Morris Public Library Lego Challenge is held in collaboration
with the Little Free Lego Library Project facilitated
by Morris residents Rose Buckens and Jo Ann Jaacks.

Staying on top of technology
The Morris Public Library is following the patrons’ requests and introducing
easier ways to access library materials. We now participate in the
Library Mobile Phone App Boopsie provided by Bibliomation, Inc.
The app is available for free download for your iPhone or Android.
With Bibliomation Boopsie you can view the library catalog, request
materials right from your phone, find out about our events, easily
access our online resources, download eMedia and browse through digital
databases. The service is sponsored by the Friends of the Morris Public Library.
If a patron needs help with downloading the
Bibliomation Boopsie App or any other eMedia,
we now provide one-on-one technology assistance!

Call the Library at 860-567-7440
to make an appointment with a librarian today!
Available days and hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
3:00-3:30PM, 3:30-4:00PM.
Have all your technology questions answered:
learn how to use your device,
access our online catalog and more!

Morris Public Library Event
Thursday, September 15, 2016
The Not-So-Good Life of a Colonial Goodwife” program
with Velya Jancz-Urban took place on Thursday, September 15, at 6:30 PM.

Velya gave a lively and information-infused presentation
about what life was really like for colonial women.

With the number of attendees of approximately 40 people,
the discussion was followed by questions and answers about
Velya’s book “Acquiescence,” her colonial times research inspiration.

Art Around the Box 2016
A Fundraiser for the Morris Public Library
Saturday, April 30, 2016
@ White Memorial Carriage House

The Friends and Board of Directors of the Morris Public Library sponsored
the fifth "Art Around the Box" social event and auction of more than 25
decorated boxes, birdhouses and mailboxes as fine art by noted local artists.

Besides the decorated boxes, they had the popular "Mystery Treasure Envelopes,"
with gift certificates and items donated by local businesses and,
a "Mystery Treasure Quest Box."

There was also a silent auction of art prints and artist's proofs.
All proceeds benefit the Library.








"Black & White Painting" by Pamela Urban for silent auction

Fundraiser for Morris Public Library is a success (03-24-14)
Part of the crowd watches the auction unfold during the Morris Public Library's
Art Around the Box fundraiser on Saturday.

Below, a mailbox decorated by Jodi Rockness of Litchfield
fetched $100 in the auction. ~ BZ photos
The Morris Public Library's fourth annual Art Around the Box fundraiser
on Saturday was a success as it raised more the $5,500.

The library and the Friends of the Morris Public Library co-sponsored the
event at the White Memorial Conservation Center Carriage House.

Decorated wood boxes, mailboxes, birdhouses and other items
donated by 32 local artists were auctioned off to raise money.
Guest auctioneer was Tim Chapulis of Tim's Auctions in Bristol.

The auction saw $600 bid on guitar signed by James Taylor, $550 bid on an
overnight stay at the Winvian resort, and $500 for guitar signed by Les Paul.

Proceeds will be used by the library to purchase books and DVS and fund programs.

Participating artists were Gabrielle Ammirati, Lori Barker, Jo Ann Battistoni, Rose Buckens, KC Chapman,
Anne Marie Charest, Fran Clem, Linda Conlon, Marsha Doran, Anne Haas, Yvette Haas, Barbara Hilpertshauser,
Jill Howland, Carrie Keppler, Ella Crampton Knox, Tracy Martin, Cheryl Martinelli, Grace Martinelli, Kerry McDevitt,
Carolyn Mitchell, Phil Moncuse, Amy Nicholson, Alane Powell, Jodi Rockness, Audrey Rougeot, Tarol Samuelson,
Laurie Sweet, Gayle Terrill, Elizabeth Wolff, Hilary Worster, Mary Young and Carol Zordan.

Auctioneer Tim Chapulis does his thing.

Library board member Nancy Lundquist made sure everyone had enough wine.

Some of the auction items on display.

Cheryl Martinelli of Harwinton was one of the artists who donated work.
Artist Fran Clem of Bantam takes in the auction.

Anne Haas of Bantam and her daughter, Yvette, were among the artists.

Art Around the Box fundraiser nets cash for library (03-12-13)
Above, some of the artworks that was auctioned off at the Art Around the Box fundraiser
for the Morris Public Library on Sunday. Below, Cathy Wheeler of Morris, left, and Goshen
health and wellness guru Susan Wheeler were among those in attendance. BZ photos

The third annual Art Around the Box fundraiser held Sunday to benefit the
Morris Public Library raised $6,700 that will be used to fund new programs and technology.

The event at the White Memorial Conservation Center's Carriage House drew a large crowd to
bid on lunch boxes and bird houses decorated by 23 local artists. Prizes that include overnights
at the Winvian Resort in Morris and the Litchfield Inn also were auctioned off.
Tracy Keilty, a volunteer at the library, served as master of ceremonies.

A mystery puzzle box decorated by Bantam artist Elizabeth Wolff and Denis Williamson of Morris
was won by Guy and Laura Weik of Morris, for $200. The Weiks will have to successfully
figure out the mystery location by pressing buttons until a mystery treasure is revealed.

The $6,700 raised is the most in the three years of the event,
easily topping last year's $5,500 and 2011's $4,800.

Nancy Lundquist, chairman of the library's board of directors and co-chairman
of Art Around the Box, praised those who attended for their support and the
participating artists for donating their talent to the cause.

"They are indeed supporters of our library," Lundquist said. "They are the ones giving us their time,
support and money to enrich out library with the funds needed to ensure that the
library can provide the best opportunities for all to enjoy."

The artists besides Wolff were Gabrielle Ammirati, Jodi Rockness, Tori Savage,
Andrew Swell and Carol Zordan, all of Litchfield; Lori Barker and Laurie Sweet, both of Goshen;
Jo Ann Battistoni, Marsha Doran, Dave Hoffman, Jill Howland, Tracy Martin,
Gayle Terrill and Mark Young, all of Morris; Anne Haas, Yvette Haas,
Ella Crampton Knox and Toby Schmidt, all of Bantam; Tessa Griffin of Milford;
Barbara Hilpertshauser of Bethlehem; Kerry L McDevitt of Marble Dale;
and Audrey Rougeot of Torrington.

A box decorated by artist Elizabeth Wolff of Bantam was auctioned off.

Tracy Keilty served as the master of ceremonies for the fundraiser.

Artist Gayle Terrill of Morris and her husband Lester check out a box
created by Tessa Griffin of Milford depicting buildings and
building details by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona.

Guy Weik of Morris and his wife, Laura, contemplate bidding on the mystery treasure box.

Vin Aiello of Morris watches the auction unfold.

Anne Haas of Bantam was one of the contributing artists.

For more info, please contact Nancy Lundquist 860-361-6418
or via email: