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NCCC, First Institution in CT to Enter Into Partnership
with NROC to Help Enhance Student Success
Northwestern Connecticut Community College recently became the first higher education institution in the State of Connecticut to join NROC.  NROC partners with educators to create open and low-cost courses and tools designed to recognize every student’s unique learning needs and preferences. These resources can be adapted and scaled to meet programmatic goals in a variety of instructional settings.  

NROC stands for:
NETWORK | Educational institutions benefit from working together.
RESOURCES | Educators are empowered by high-quality, multi-media content and applications.
OPEN | Membership keeps costs low for institutions, and free for individuals.
COLLEGE & CAREER | We’re committed to helping students pursue academic and life success.

As a NROC member, NCCC will enjoy affordable, unlimited access to NROC content, as well as thoughtful instructional resources.  NCCC will be using NROC EdReady content to provide free instructional software in Writers Workshop and Math Boot Camp this summer, saving students thousands of dollars collectively in educational resource costs.  In the fall, English faculty will replace their main textbook in Introduction to College English (ENG 096) with NROC English.  After the fall 2018 semester, there will be an examination of ways to possibly scale the software options even further.

"NROC's unique partnerships with pioneering institutions like Northwestern Connecticut Community College ensure our Open Educational Resources tangibly benefit underserved students. We believe every learner deserves access to high-quality, affordable educational opportunities, and Northwestern Connecticut Community College is helping us achieve this aim," stated Dr. Gary Lopez, Executive Director of The NROC Project.

Dr. David Ferreira, Dean of Academic & Student Affairs at NCCC affirmed, “For years, our faculty at NCCC have been leaders in the state of Connecticut when looking at innovative ways to have high quality educational materials at low or no cost to the students.  This membership is another example of how we are continuing to examine ways to make college more affordable without sacrificing the student’s educational experience.  All the credit goes to our outstanding faculty here at NCCC for their forward thinking and our staff for making sure this easily adapts to our current learning management system.

NCCC Goes Smoke-Free in 2019
Northwestern Connecticut Community College (NCCC) is pleased to announce the campus will be promoting a healthy learning environment by going smoke, tobacco and vape-free starting July 1, 2019.

“Based on a lot of feedback from students, faculty and staff, the overwhelming majority of survey respondents suggested we go smoke-free,” said NCCC President, Dr. Michael Rooke. “We plan to convert to a smoke-free campus gradually and with a focus on education,” he said. “The coming year will give us an opportunity to raise everyone’s awareness and to put important educational resources into action."

NCCC has been working with a number of local community groups including Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, the McCall Center, and the Connecticut Office of Rural Health, whose office is based at the college, as well as with Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) and the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH). Both SCSU and DPH have awarded grants to NCCC, providing needed funds for policy transition and educational resources.

“As we initiate this change throughout the year the focus will continue to be on education and providing resources to students, and less on enforcement,” said Rooke. “Grant funds will be used to support educational and student activity promotional events, as well as much needed signage.”

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital will be offering smoking cessation classes starting Fall 2018 and continue holding classes periodically based on demand. While grant funds are available, any NCCC student, faculty or staff member wishing to quit smoking will have the opportunity to participate in cessation classes and even receive free nicotine replacement therapies from a local Winsted pharmacy.

Temporary signage announcing the change will be placed on campus beginning this fall to be replaced with permanent signs next summer. Also beginning this fall, NCCC students volunteering to be smoke-free ambassadors will be trained and coordinated through the NCCC Student Activities Department and will participate in events throughout the year to raise student awareness.

Rooke said the majority of the Connecticut community colleges are either already smoke-free or considering the change, and three of the state colleges are smoke-free as well.

“NCCC will continue to provide the best for our students, including a healthy environment in which to learn,” said Rooke. ‘We are excited for the change and will do all that we can for an easy transition.”

NCCC Announces
Community College Incentive Program
with Charter Oak State College
Northwestern Connecticut Community College and Charter Oak State College have recently signed a Community College Tuition Match Scholarship Agreement in which Charter Oak State College will provide the last two years of a bachelor’s degree to graduates of associate degree programs at NCCC, at the Connecticut Community Colleges tuition and fee rates in effect for that year.  This agreement goes into effect in Fall 2018 semester.

Interested NCCC students should contact Charter Oak State College Admissions at  

In order to apply for the scholarship, students need to meet the following requirements:
- Attain 2.3 or higher Grade Point Average (GPA)
- Complete the associate degree
- Matriculate at Charter Oak State College within 6 months of completing Associate’s degree

The tuition scholarship is good for 5 years.  In order to maintain the scholarship, the student must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 Charter Oak credits in the fall and spring semesters. This would allow the student to graduate in five years, if attending part time. Students can take more courses at the reduced rate and thus graduate earlier, take courses in the summer, or take additional courses, as applicable, at NCCC as long as they adhere to the requirements stated above.

Eligible students should apply for Federal Pell Grants to help cover the costs of their college expenses; students will be responsible for books, tech fee, and any other course related expenses. Students will have to meet Charter Oak State College’s degree requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

Dr. Dave Ferreira, Dean of Academic & Student Affairs at NCCC asserted, “This is an exciting opportunity that gives the students who graduate from Northwestern Connecticut Community College an affordable choice to a quality bachelor’s degree in areas such as Cyber Security, Health Care Administration, and Business Administration.” He continued, “Students will have the ability to easily transition from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree program at Charter Oak State College while paying the community college tuition and fee rate in effect for that year.  Furthermore, the online course delivery format at Charter Oak State College is a good option for graduates who have busy schedules or cannot commute to the nearest university.”    

Dr. Shirley M. Adams, Provost at Charter Oak State College, agrees.  She stated, “We have had an articulation agreement with NCCC for years allowing their students easy transfer to Charter Oak State College.  This agreement expands that option, making it more affordable.  It provides students with an incentive to do well at and to complete their associate’s degree at NCCC and then to pursue their bachelor’s degree without leaving home.”

For more information about the Community College Incentive Program, please contact Dr. Dave Ferreira, Dean of Academic & Student Affairs at (860) 738-6319 or by email at