To the Editor:

To the members of the MVFD and the Women's Auxiliary, thank you for your service and sacrifices you have continually made to ensure the safety of the residents of Morris. You have every reason to hold your heads high. Most residents are proud of you and know that there was going to be no reasonable conclusion to the fiasco created in the last 2 1/2 years by the current administration toward the MVFD.

The scenario perpetrated by the administration and followed through by some members of the Board uf Finance and others, enabled the Selectman to orchestrate the myth that you were the bad guys and that he knew what was best for the residents.  

So they all ensured that Plan A would cause all sorts of disruptions in your ability to operate as you had been doing for the last 73 years. Plan B was put in motion to find a replacement for the MVFD.

Sounds like the plot of a mystery novel but in reality it was to ensure the demise of the MVFD. To the past members who enabled and encouraged Weik in that scenario, shame on you. Where were they when their friend Tom made disparaging remarks about the MVFD and their problem with getting recruits?

So it wasn't about the heart of volunteering for the good of your community, but rather to jump on the Weik bandwagon. Wow, the pride you must all feel. Rest comfortably residents of Morris as you listen for the praise heaped upon the new department. Notice the positive tone from Weik/Dorsett concerning the grand illusion they helped to create.

Recall the purchase orders that weren't signed and the money the BOF selectively moved and/or withheld from the MVFD. A betting person will know the money will now become available.

Perhaps now, even the jump kits will be available. And wait for the denigrating comments toward the MVFD members on their exit and/or conditions at the building.  Once again the lack of competent leadership in Morris has led to another unfortunate outcome.

Bob and Gail Kluge