I have read the letters to the editor and all express the same position; too much spending! That is my reason for running for 1st Selectman of Litchfield, to address these concerns.

Dennis Rosa, the Petitioning Candidate for Litchfield's Office of 1st Selectman.
I am the only true conservative candidate.
Candidate's Info:  Litchfield resident for over 30 years, married with 2 children.
Past Occupations:  Home builder/Re- modeler by day; Machinist by night.

My reasons for seeking 1st Selectman's Office:
1.  Over spending resulting in a higher property tax burden.
2.  Expanding the size of our local government payroll.
3.  2nd highest tax state in USA, which includes our property taxes.
4.  Population in Litchfield includes a rising elderly population, many on fixed incomes, while the number of young people declines.
5.  Property values decline while property taxes increase at a rate much faster than the incomes of people. Fixed income residents must dig deeper and deeper to pay the tax.
6.  I am running for this office to give taxpayers a choice between more spending and higher taxes or my common sense approach to holding the line on spending as taxpayer residents have been requesting.  In other words no spending increase in my 2 year term.

If elected my plan is aimed at leaving more of the money in the resident's pockets. I will explore and find ways to cut expenditures.  We cannot continue to increase the expenditures and expand the size of local government with the same tax base.  The tax base has not increased.   The Bantam Annex is for sale and there is talk of selling the Annex property cheap and renovate it to low income housing.  There has been a study for a new Town Hall at a cost of 5 million dollars. I believe the existing Town Hall serves its purpose well.

The Town debt now is $3,667,255 up from $2,835,136 in 2006-2007.  We must confront this situation before we end up in the same situation as the State of CT, which means more debt the taxpayer is forced to pay.

There is an exodus of people leaving many Connecticut's towns, and Litchfield is most definitely part of that group.  Young people are not moving in, thus the school student population has and still is declining.  In 2002 student population was 1,416.  In 2022, the projected student population will be 772 students, a 45% decrease, but the school expenditures have risen year after year.  Fact: 80% of the school budget is for salaries.

 I am determined to stop the increase in expenditures and the growing town payroll.  I will review the town budget, line by line and eliminate the unneeded expenses. Litchfield needs a leader to look at the expenses and consider the property owner's tax liability.

 I have talked with many people and all agreed that our taxes are too high. With your vote, I will address this burden and aim to reduce expenditures.

Dennis Rosa