VNA Northwest,Inc.
607 Bantam Road, Unit F
Bantam, CT 06750
Phone: 860-567-6000
Fax: 860-567-6012

For 86 years, VNA Northwest Inc.
has been providing trusted homecare
and hospice to residents of Northwest CT.

Our skilled nurses, therapists and aides can:
- Speed your rehabilitation from surgery
- Assist your aging parents in remaining home
- Help manage chronic health conditions
- Provide compassionate end of life hospice care
- Administer vaccinations
- Offer blood pressure screenings
- Provide maternal child health care visits

18th Annual VNA Northwest Golf Tournament
Monday, September 18, 2017
@ Fairview Farm Golf Course, Harwinton
For more information
 please call 860-567-6000.

VNA Northwest
Complimentary play "Vesta"
Sunday, September 24 ~ 2:00-3:30 p.m.
Litchfield Community Center
VNA Northwest is offering a complimentary (free) play focusing
on end of life issues at the Litchfield Community Center.
The play we have selected "Vesta" offers a warm and
often funny exploration of a family's struggle
with a variety of end of life issues
as they come to terms with the illness
and death of Vesta Pierson, their matriarch.
Vesta is a 90 minutes, seven character play about
the last five years of the character's life.

We are pleased to announce that Lea Dmytryck
(a volunteer board member at VNA Northwest)
will be directing this play and has a wonderful group of actors
from community theatre to play the roles of the characters.
presented in association with
Hospice Foundation of America and
the Litchfield Community Center.
For more information please call 860-567-6000.