Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center is
an interfaith center presenting programs in
spirituality, education, and the arts.

It offers hospitality for group meetings and specializes
in service to the not-for-profit community.
The center is a ministry of the Daughters of Wisdom.

229 East Litchfield Road
Litchfield, CT 06759

Connect, Reflect, Project:
A Self-Care Saturday of Reflection, Release, and Intention
Saturday, January 5 ~ 9:30 am -2:30 pm
Wisdom House Retreat & Conference Center
Gabriele Davis will lead the session.
Participants are encouraged
to bring a friend for half price.

This program is designed to clear out the old
and welcome the new. Participants will practice
restorative yoga, guided meditation, journaling, and
spirit-lifting laughter. Intention-setting activities
will be offered as guidance to gratefully and
gracefully begin a wisdom-filled new year.

Gabriele Davis is a registered yoga instructor
and certified Laughter Yoga Leader, teaching weekly
classes at Charym Yoga in Litchfield, Connecticut.
 She operates Bright Energy Yoga, which offers classes
and workshops throughout Northwestern Connecticut.

All are welcome and no previous experience is necessary.
Please bring a journal or small notebook
and wear comfortable, stretchy clothing.

The program includes lunch.
The cost for the program is $60.
Bring a friend for the rate of $30.
For more information call: 860-567-3163,

Meaning Making in the Literary Arts:
A Spirituality and Literature Discussion Group
Thursday, January 10 ~ 7:00-8:30 pm
    Wisdom House Retreat & Conference Center
EVERY OTHER THURSDAY. January 10 & 24,
February 7 & 21, March 7 & 21, April 11 & 25.

“The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that
have been concealed by the answers,” James Baldwin wrote.
This reading and discussion group will endeavor to
 lay bare the questions we find in literature, particularly
 in the contemporary novel. Our first book will be
Marilynne Robinson's Home. In what has been
called a Prodigal Son story, we will be able to
 surface questions of exile, spiritual affliction, grace,
and forgiveness. We will choose future works
 as a group. Bring a notebook for writing, your ideas,
and the book we are discussing. Book not included in fee.

Sherri Reed holds a Master of Arts in Religion degree
 from Yale University with a concentration in
Religion and Literature. A published essayist and poet,
she seeks to understand how we make meaning in
 and through the arts. She has facilitated discussion
around a variety of texts including novels, poetry,
and essay, and continues her scholarship at
Yale through participation in the Christian Poetics
Initiative. Part of the Berkeley Divinity School
community for several years, Sherri led prayer
and worked on a worship team to develop services.
Creating a core group makes for a fulfilling experience,
but attendance at each week is not required.

Suggested donation at the door: $5
(This is a free program,
but registration is required.)

For more information call: 860-567-3163,

“Finding a Rhythm to Walk in:
A Contemplative Weekend Retreat”
Friday, January 11  ~ 6:00 pm (dinner) to
Sunday, January 13 ~ 11:45 am (lunch)
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
Linda Chidsey will be presenting.
Participants will have the opportunity to discover a
way to spiritually maneuver their way through
these hurried, uncertain times by gathering in silence
and contemplative practice. During the retreat,
 there will also be time to experience individual and
corporate prayer and meditation, devotional reading,
group spiritual reflection, journaling, and handwork.

Linda Chidsey is a Recorded Minister in the
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers),
leading retreats and workshops on spirituality.
She has served as Presiding Clerk of New York Yearly
Meeting and on the NY State Council of Churches.
She is currently Elder to the board of the School
of the Spirit, a Quaker ministry offering programs
on spiritual nurturance and contemplative retreats.

For more information call: 860-567-3163,

From Wisdom's Table:
The Envelope Please: Cooking En Papillote
Saturday, January 12 ~ 2:00-3:30 pm
Wisdom House Retreat & Conference Center
The results are in: Cooking en papillote proves that simple
can be sophisticated, healthy can be heavenly, and low in
 fat can be high in flavor. In this cooking demonstration,
Chef Margaret Jacobs will share the method and
philosophy of cooking in an envelope of parchment paper.
Sealed in paper and cooked in its own juices, food is more
 flavorful than through ordinary steaming. This haute
cuisine is ideal for clean and healthy eating, and within
the reach of everyone. All are welcome.
No prior cooking experience required.
Recipes and samples included.

Chef Margaret Jacobs is the Head Chef at
 Wisdom House. A graduate of the Culinary Institute
of America, Hyde Park, New York, she was trained
by Austrian and French chefs, Antoine Linda
and Michael Carrier. She has worked at the
United Nations Plaza Hotel in New York City
and as Executive Chef at EF Barrett & Co.
 in New York City. Her more than 30 years
of cooking, baking and business experience
 in the culinary arts are apparent in her dedicated
following of locals with sated appetites.

For more information

Reflections on December 17, 2017
Celebration for Rosemarie Greco, DW
If you would  have read any of our program brochures in the last
few years where Rosemarie gave a program at Wisdom House,
you'd see that her biography was the shortest of all the presenters.

 It was four words - musician, theologian,
 educator, administrator (of Wisdom House).
Today after listening to Brian, JoAnn, and Alan's reflections,
you now know that four words don't do her justice,
And, now, it's my turn to add my words to theirs.

Rosemarie and I began to work together on May 26, 1992.
I believe it was the Tuesday after Memorial Day that year.
It was a new beginning.

Rosemarie told me stories of staying awake at night in the previous
two years worrying about such things as whether or not there would
be water in the morning. But, changes were happening slowly.
Signs of new life were beginning to show and I was happy to be a part of it.

I didn't realize the Renaissance woman I would be working with.
She was a risk taker (and still is). She' literally all over this place!
 I don't want to guess how many pairs of shoes she has worn out
 walking these halls, climbing these stairs, and walking these grounds.

She is very adaptable. She is as comfortable giving an invocation at
morning breakfast meeting given by the Chamber of Commerce
where the Governor might be present as she would be walking the
aisles of Home Depot searching for PVC Valves or other
things I can't even pronounce the names of.

You might find her overseeing the removal of gigantic oil tanks downstairs.
You could find her checking the pressure of our artesian wells,
ordering sheets and towels, or handling a
 mean plunger in one of the bathrooms upstairs!

Rosemarie saved money so the former crank-out windows could be
replaced with new energy efficient thermal windows. And, only she
 knows how many that was…480 windows in total she told me.

She's  friends with our local volunteer fire department and our
State Troopers know her well. She writes music, reads music,
 plays the piano, and can play some pieces from memory.

And,  then there's the dirt!
Rosemarie loves the land. She loves to weed our gardens.
 I swear every Spring I can hear the poison ivy shout to the rest of the garden:
"Here she comes!" Ask her about her friendship with poison ivy…

I said she is a Renaissance woman - Scripturally, we'd say, "She's a wise woman."

She knows how to bring out of the storehouse of her life experiences
both the tried and true, as well as venture into the new and use
 them all for whatever life gives to her wherever she finds herself.

Rosemarie truly has a passion for life. We both entered religious life
the same years but in two different communities,
at two different times of the year. She had some previous
work experience. I entered fresh out of high school.

It was an exciting time to be a Catholic. The Catholic Church was in
the middle of a revolution called the Second Vatican Council. Newness
was all around us and we had an unchartered future ahead of us.
But, we had a solid foundation from which to greet the future.

And, when we began to work together years later, we used the unique
base of formation from our individual communities, pooled our individual histories,
ministry experiences, and personal gifts and poured them into Wisdom House.

You know that if you work with someone long enough, you begin
to see patterns repeating themselves. Sometimes it's in their actions.
Sometimes you notice it in their words. I have found
with Rosemarie, the actions and the words are the same.

               For her, the pattern is "simplicity."  The word is "simple."
She says it over and over again.
If it's a dish she's cooked and I'll say, "This is delicious,"
she'll  say,  " It's really very simple…"

 If it's an action she's doing, she'll say,"
Well, it's simple. All you
have to do is…."

I  don't believe that this an accidental use of a word.
I do believe that it is at the root of the spirituality that is her life.

 I do believe that it is rooted in the spirituality of the Daughters of Wisdom.
     It is in the lives and legacy of their co-founders,
St. Louis de Montfort and Blessed Marie Louise Trichet.

And, I'm going out on a limb to say, if they were alive today
they would encourage their brothers and sisters to live simply -
    to be simple in their life style.

You see - Being simple is related to being single hearted -
The motto Montfort left behind as a legacy
    is placed before everyone who enters this chapel.
It's here for all to see right under the altar
 - you see the initials D S

In French, it's "Dieu Seul".
In Latin, it's "Deus Solus".
In English, it's the two words, "God alone."
Seems  so simple, doesn't it?
But, it reminds us that -
 All else follows - God alone.
All life is included in it - God alone.
And, all leads back to
God alone - in whom we are never alone.

Finally, In the last few months, Rosemarie took a course at
 Northwest Community College on "18th Century
 Orchestral French Music " -  a perfect course for her.

At the last class, the professor happened to note that 2018
was going to be the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Leonard Bernstein.

It started us talking about how we loved his famous piece
 (really a theatre piece) called "The Mass" -
He composed it because Jackie Kennedy asked him to  
create something for the opening of the Kennedy Center
in Washington, D.C..

Then Rosemarie and I realized we both especially
 love the opening song to that performance -
The title of the song, is "Simple Song."

The words were written by lyricist,
Stephan Schwartz, a Connecticut resident.

Here are the core words:
"Sing God a simple song
Make it up as you go along-

Sing like you like to sing
God loves a simple thing

For God is the simplest of all
For God is the simplest of all….

I thank God for the God I've come
to know through Rosemarie Greco.
~ Jo-Ann Iannotti, OP

Reflections in Gratitude
December 17, 2017
Wisdom House
A phrase in the Psalms says, "A thousand years in God's
 sight are like yesterday, now that it is gone…." (Psalm 90,4).
For me, 27 years at Wisdom House are also like one day.  
Time passed so quickly.

When I reflect on my years at Wisdom House,
I am grateful for many things and would mention a few here.  
One is my family:  I owe them such gratitude for their support
 in many ways so that I could responsibly minister
 at a distance from our family home for so many years.

Timing was important in my family, both in observing the right
moment to act and timing in music. My father was a musician,
a bandleader and watchmaker.  My mother a seamstress who made
 sure my sister, brother and I practiced the piano and heeded the timing.
 My tendency with the piano was to pick up speed
as I went along. My friends say I still do that today!

Here at Wisdom House, timing was important, too.  I didn't necessarily
work with a detailed plan but rather with intuition - sensing when the
timing was right and discussing my thoughts with respected colleagues.

 After my first few years here, I picked up speed, especially when
Sister Jo-Ann joined the staff and when Alan Colavecchio and Mary Lou Tanner
asked to present Julia Cameron's, The Artist's Way, A Spiritual Path
to Higher Creativity.   They, along with the Advisory Board members and
collaborators over the years, gave a new look and momentum to Wisdom House.

Artists have muses, a vision that draws them forward.  
My muse and inspiration was the spirituality of seeking
Divine Wisdom in all reality.  Whatever we initiated at Wisdom House
was guided by the mission of hospitality, inclusivity,
expansion of ideas, reinterpretation of tradition and
sensitivity to our natural surroundings and environment.

Many texts from the Bible's Wisdom literature
 have to do with growth and creation.

Three foundational texts influenced me
 in developing this retreat center:
1. "Wisdom is a Tree of Life for those who embrace her" (Proverbs 3, 18).
In this text, the Tree is a significant image of Wisdom and God.  
The Tree of Life grows, lives, is exposed to the elements of its environment,
experiences health, disease and decay and gives itself over in
self-emptying and letting go so that new life can emerge.
We have experienced this on our land and in the lives of so many.

2. A second text of significance to me is Solomon's synthesis of
God and creation where he says, "Simply I learned of Wisdom"
by observing nature's plants, roots, water, constellations,
 the cycles of the years….for Wisdom is the Artisan of all and
she is our Mother. (Wisdom 7, 13). This land is a
 work of the Divine Artist and nurturer of all life.
Moreover, I saw that all this was given to my care
at Wisdom House on its 70 acres of creation.  

3. The third guiding text is that "Wisdom welcomes all to her table" (Proverbs 9,1).
This is so basic to the mission of Wisdom House and impels us to welcome,
nourish, and respect the bodies and spirits of everyone and to respect
and appreciate the diversity of cultures, faiths and experiences.

When I was mandated to minister at Wisdom House in 1990, I was asked
 to give Wisdom House a renewed vitality and sustainability.  
The early years were a struggle to try to find a way to go forward.  
When Sister Jo-Ann joined me in grappling with how to proceed,
we realized that our unique role as a retreat center was to "initiate and not imitate."
 In 1999, the Advisory Board initiated the annual Wisdom Award celebration
to honor area citizens for their outstanding volunteer service which
made Divine Wisdom present in our midst.  The first recipients were
philanthropist Sonia Seherr-Thoss and author Madeleine L'Engle.   
May they rest in peace.

  The center increased its welcome to artists of all media, to Buddhists,
Muslims, Christians and Jewish communities as well as to many religious
denominations, educational institutions, Biblical scholars, architects,
 environmentalists, cosmologists, Feng Shui practitioners and many more.  
 We also initiated the "Casagrande Interfaith Institute" and, with Fairfield University,
"Exploring Catholic Culture."   Our programs reflected the influence
 of the spiritualities of St. Louis deMontfort and St. Dominic.  
spiritualities of seeking wisdom and preaching the word, of valuing education
and exploration. This enabled a new Wisdom House to emerge.  
The timing was right----- right for a new expansion in order to participate
and promote openness to the evolving issues of the times.

Over the years, Wisdom House has been featured in the media
and in publications such as the New York Times, Litchfield County Times,
 Register Citizen, Waterbury Republican-American, and Yankee Magazine.
 The Labyrinth, too, was featured in several gardening journals
and the 80 solar panels on the Spruce Brook Barn received a grant
 from the State of CT and a Conservation award. They are
 featured in the center's drone video on our website.

However, I was surprised and honored when our efforts here were
recognized in the Litchfield Magazine, naming us among the 50 most
 influential persons in Litchfield County for the year 2011.   There is no
humility here as I read the entry about Sister Jo-Ann and myself:
 "Together they are pillars of Wisdom House, Litchfield's country
retreat and conference center, offering a place for meditation, prayer
 and an exchange of ideas with some of the foremost thinkers of our time".  
Truly, this was such an honor to be recognized in our
 local area for the ministry and service we offered.

A center of spirituality is not an entity unto itself.  It is invigorated by
participation in the concerns of the people in local government
and businesses.  I am indebted to the Town of Litchfield,
the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce, the Litchfield Area
Business Association, the League of Women Voters,  Litchfield County
Women's Network, the Community Council, the Northwest  CT Community
 Foundation, Seherr-Thoss Foundation, to name a few. These invaluable
organizations enable us to live out the integration of what was once separated
 into the "sacred and secular."  We know now that there is no separation.   
We love and serve God in, through and with the world. We are all one
serving the many transformations of life in our communities.

 Wisdom House has evolved from being a novitiate for training women
to become Daughters of Wisdom, then growing into Seat of Wisdom College,
and, around 1967, to welcoming the first interfaith Buddhist retreat.  
We continued to build upon these retreats and values that were tended
by Sisters Margaret Dunn, Alice Lausier, Maureen Hurley and Irene Arsenault.

There is a phrase in the Christian scriptures given by a servant
who is praised by the master.  The servant says: "I am only an ordinary
person doing what I was asked to do" (Luke 17,10). I have to say,
 that is really how I feel.  I am grateful I could do what I did because
of the trust that was placed in me.   I thank the congregation of the
 Daughters of Wisdom who encouraged my continuing studies in music
and theology and who approved requests to minister in New York,
Uganda and Colorado.  I am grateful to the congregational leaders of
exceptional wisdom and perception who mentored me:  Those who now
 rest in peace, Sisters Margaret Quigley, Marilyn Lieber, Rita Finnen and
those among us who mentored me in my early years at Wisdom House,
Sisters Ann Casagrande and Barbara O'Dea.

Once again, the timing is right to hand on the treasure of Wisdom
which is held and shared at Wisdom House.  A Zen proverb says,
"Move and the way will open".  It is time to move.   I hand on this
 treasure with confidence that the Spirit of Wisdom will continue
 to abide in this place, in this land and in this community.  

I am grateful to the Wisdom House staff over the years and certainly
 to the present partners in this ministry and to those who shaped this
celebration of gratitude with the leadership of Deborah Kelly, our new
Executive Director and our Food Service Director, Chef Margaret Jacobs.

For my 27 years in Litchfield, and more, I say "thank you."
And now, to say it in a special way, I have asked Helen Falcone
to be my voice and heart and Wayne Gunther to be my hands.
 (Song, "Sometimes" by Henry and Felice Mancini.)

Sometimes, not often enough, We reflect upon the good things,   
And those thoughts always center around those we love.   
And I think about those people Who mean so much to me,   
And for so many years have made me So very happy.  
 And I count the times I have forgotten to say,
Thank you,  And just how much I love them.

Thank you.
Rosemarie Greco, DW
December 17, 2017, Litchfield, CT

A fond farewell for Wisdom House's Rosemarie Greco
Litchfield.bz (12-19-17)
Sister Rosemarie Greco, the retired executive director of Wisdom House
Retreat and Conference Center, was honored for her service on Sunday. BZ photos

Friends and colleagues of retired Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
 executive director Sister Rosemarie Greco gathered Sunday
to pay tribute to Greco for her 27 years of service to the
 interfaith organization that thrived under her leadership.

Greco retired in October but is still living at Wisdom House
and has no plans as of yet for retirement. She is serving
 as mentor to her successor, Deborah Kelly.

Sunday featured verbal and musical tributes to Greco in the
Wisdom House chapel and a reception afterwards. Former
Wisdom Award recipients Jo Ann Ryan, Brian McCormick and Alan Collavecchio
offered verbal tributes as did Greco's sidekick at Wisdom House,
Sister Jo-Ann Iannotti, the coordinator of art and spirituality.

Also speaking was Sister Cathy Sheehan, Provincial Leader of the
Daughters of Wisdom. Sheehan credited Greco with transforming
Wisdom House into an interfaith facility promoting the mission and vision
of the international congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom.

“You have truly put Wisdom House on the map and today we acknowledge
 you for it,” Sheehan said in her tribute to Greco. “Wisdom House
 has thrived under your direction and is a place where all are welcome.”
Wisdom House, under Greco's leadership, was the first retreat house
 in Connecticut to have an outdoor labyrinth and a permanent art gallery.
The Wisdom Award celebration Greco helped launch in 1999 has become
a prestigious recognition of local residents providing volunteer service.

Sister Rosemarie and Charlie Gill.

Sister Rosemarie and Susan Kennedy

Sister Rosemarie and Frank Vanoni

Sister Rosemarie and her brother, Victor Greco.

Celebration and Reception Honoring
Sister Rosemarie Greco, DW
Sunday, December 17, 2017
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center announces a
celebration of gratitude for 27 years of service to Wisdom House
and the Litchfield Community for retiring Executive Director,
Rosemarie Greco, DW, on Sunday, December 17, 2017 from 2-5 pm.  
There will be a short program from 3:00-3:30 pm.  

            Sister Greco, a native of Brooklyn, NY,  entered the novitiate
of the Daughters of Wisdom in Litchfield in 1963.  She holds an MA
degree in Theology from Manhattan College, NY and completed
Doctoral Studies in Theology at the Pontifical University Marianum,
and the Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton, Ohio.
She studied Liturgical Music composition at Loyola University,
 New Orleans, Louisiana.  In the mid-1960s, she began composing
music for the Catholic liturgy which was later published
and recorded by the Daughters of Wisdom.

            Prior to serving at Wisdom House, she was Diocesan Director
of Religious Education in Pueblo, Colorado, lecturer in church history,
Katigondo National Seminary and Makerere University, Kampala,
Uganda and Catechist Trainer in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY.
Sister Greco’s homily commentaries and scripture reflections have been
published by the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan, Quest (Archdiocese of Hartford),
and other pastoral ministry publications and aired on WJMJ 88.9 FM.
She was the Wisdom Correspondent  for Hartford's Conference
of Churches' program, "Rich Answers" on WRCH 100.5 FM.

            Sister Greco was a member of the Daughters of Wisdom Board of Directors,
the National Advisory Committee for Adult Education and the
National Conference of Diocesan Directors of Religious Education.

           Since beginning her ministry in Litchfield, she has held membership
and board positions with the Community Council of Northwest
Connecticut and the Litchfield County Women’s Network. She joined the
Litchfield Area Business Association, and the Chamber of Commerce
 of Northwest Connecticut. She also has served on the Town of Litchfield’s
Plan of Conservation & Development, its Ethics Committee, and Commission
 for the Aging. Since 1994, she has been a volunteer interfaith
chaplain at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, Torrington.

            Sister Greco held the position of Executive Director at Wisdom House
 from 1990-2017. Wisdom House was the first retreat house in
 Connecticut to have an outdoor labyrinth and a  permanent art gallery
 (Marie Louise Trichet Gallery).  She initiated the installation of solar panels
 at Wisdom House, contemporary chapel art windows, and renovation
of the historic Spruce Brook Barn. In 1999, she introduced the annual
Wisdom Award celebration honoring the lives and service of area volunteers.
During her tenure she has been responsible for making the center an
 inclusive interfaith and intercultural retreat center for organizations
seeking  accommodations and meeting space.  She spearheaded the
evolution of the center as a locus for creative programs in the arts,
interfaith understanding, education in contemporary issues, and
 labyrinth experiences.  Sister Greco also initiated guidelines for
environmental sustainability which affected many facets
of the retreat center’s operations and mission.

The public is invited to attend.
Please RSVP by December 10
by calling (860) 567-3163
Wisdom House is located at:
229 East Litchfield Rd., Litchfield, CT

"Milestones" - Works of Thelma Appel
Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery Opening
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
September 16 - December 9,  2017
The exhibit features acrylic and oil and oil on canvas paintings
and collage studies of the work of Waterbury artist Thelma Appel.  

This collection of work represents a spiritual and personal experience
for Ms. Appel, created during a process of grief, leading her to
contemplate the universal milestones in people’s lives.  

The mysticism studies of the Kabballah (“that which is received”)
and its influence on the Tarot is interpreted
 through the artwork in the artist’s personal style.


Litchfield.bz videos

Thelma Appel
Born in Tel Aviv, Israel Ms. Appel lived in Asia and Europe before
becoming a United States citizen in 1975. She was educated at
Hornsey College of Art and St. Martins School of Art, London.

She has exhibited widely throughout New England and New York.  
Her solo work has been featured in The Fischbach Gallery, NYC,
The Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, MA, and Bennington College
 in Bennington, VT. Her work in public collections included The Vermont State Legislature,
the Chase Manhattan Collection, NYC, and the Cabot Corporation, Boston, MA.  
Her works are also in The Police Academy Museum, NYC, The Mattatuck Museum,
Waterbury, CT, The Walker Museum, Minneapolis, MN, The Port Authority
of NY and NJ, AT&T Corporation, NY and NJ, and other important collections.

Ms. Appel was in Who’s Who in American Art from 1981-2015.
She received a Yaddo Residency Fellowship, Saratoga, NY,
a Milllay Residency in Austerlitz, NY, and the State of Vermont Purchase Award,
State Legislature, Montpelier, VT as well as private and corporate commission.

 The exhibit runs through December 9, 2017.
 The Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery hours are:  
Monday-Saturday, 10 am-4 pm.

For further information call (860) 567-3163

Transfourming Sorrow
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
A Multi-Sensory Installation in Wisdom House Chapel....
Organizing Curator: Tony Carretta
Wisdom House, an interfaith center, which has a longstanding commitment
to the arts and creativity as a pathway to spiritual awareness,
has provided their multi-level Chapel for this compelling event.
Kardash Onnig, a Lebanese born artist of Armenian descent,
has been in the forefront of utilizing his art as a means of highlighting
 the futility of human conflict while presenting the possibility of resolving
differences through mutual responsibility and common self- interests.
He is a sculptor, inventor, toymaker, and activist who has worked in the
Hudson Valley community and exhibited worldwide for over 45 years.

When describing the project and installation
at Wisdom House, Onnig notes:
 "The notion of transforming sorrow was kindled in my consciousness
when I read a book of poetry by Vahe Vahian, a childhood teacher of mine
from Beirut. He was a survivor of the Armenian genocide. Vahe transcended
 his grief over the death of his son and experienced a rebirth through writing poetry.
This transformation occurred when he opened his heart and mind  to embrace the
"mountainous grief of humankind" and "adopted" all suffering humans as his children."
Throughout the decades, Onnig has striven in his work with people
 from diverse backgrounds, to embrace all victims of bigotry
 and hatred regardless of cultural and national difference.
Kardash Onnig's installation is an invitation not only to mourn
but also to transform our individual and collective sorrow.

Wisdom House is an interfaith retreat and conference center which
welcomes women and men who value seeking and learning in a
contemplative environment. Its mission continues a commitment to
sustainability and concern for contemporary issues.
The center is a ministry of the Daughters of Wisdom.

For further information call (860) 567-3163

Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery Opening
"Sacred Moments"
by Ashby Carlisle and Lisa Bell
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
 This joint exhibit features the combined works of New London artist,
Ashby Carlisle and New Hartford artist, Lisa Bell.  
The exhibit includes the three-dimensional landscapes
created by Carlisle along with the strong, visceral fields of color
in the illuminated manuscripts crafted by Bell.
Carlisle-The Tease of Spring #1
Ashby Carlisle uses a welding torch, a kiln and a laser printer to
create pieces that are wholly inspired by the natural world.  
Her works utilize these “implements” to craft her impressionist style structural
mixed media landscapes.  Her work has been exhibited in private collections
and galleries throughout  New England. Past exhibits and awards include:
72nd Connecticut Artists Exhibition, The Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, CT
(Awarded Second Place); John Slade Ely House, New Haven, CT
(Awarded the Whitney Center Prize) and Golden Thread Gallery
 in West Hartford.  (www.ashbycarlisle.com)

Bell- Psalm 1
Lisa Bell uses traditional scripts and color symbolism taken
from liturgy, music and Scripture to fashion the painted illuminations she creates.
Non-traditional materials are also used in her work. A graduate of Pratt Institute
 in Brooklyn she has exhibited in group and solo shows throughout the region.
Her solo exhibits include St. Philip’s Church, Harlem and the
Church of St. Mary the Virgin in NYC. Group exhibits include
Christ Church Cathedral, Hartford, St. John’s Episcopal Church,
West Hartford and the National Arts Club in NYC.  (www.lisa-bell.com)

The exhibit runs through April 8, 2017.  
The Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery hours are:  
Monday – Saturday, 10 am-4 pm.

     For further information call (860) 567-3163

Inviting The Great Dance:
Paintings On the Path of Letting Go
By Elisabeth Moss
Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
The Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery at Wisdom House opened a new exhibit
Inviting The Great Dance: Paintings On the Path of Letting Go
by Elisabeth Moss on Saturday, October 15, 2016.

 The exhibit consists of a collection of works combining acrylics and collage.  
Ms. Moss says she creates by “painting from within” or from intuition and
 the resulting symbols reflected on canvas represent the artist’s deepening
 attunement to the Divine.  These “painted prayers” are often inspired
by a multitude of artists, indigenous, tribal art and children’s art.  

Elisabeth Moss
 A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Ms. Moss has been
painting since childhood. She has exhibited in group and solo shows at the
Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford
and the Hosner Gallery in Northhampton, MA among others.
 Ms. Moss offers classes in intuitive visual expression that also
draw upon the practice of meditation and expressive art.  

        Regular gallery hours are Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
For further information call (860) 567-3163

Art Exhibit
Heal” by North Carolina artist Erin Tapley
Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery
 at Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
The exhibit consists of scrolls produced by a technique
 called hydroprinting or marbling. Marbling is a printed,
paper decorating method done by floating
and arranging colors on thickened water.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by the poem
 “Heal Thyself” by Bonnie St. Andrews.  
The visually rich descriptions in that poem shape
 the design and elements of Ms. Tapley’s work.

            Erin Tapley is presently on the faculty of Western Carolina University
and  holds a PhD from the University of Iowa. The awards she has
received as an artist and art educator include a Fulbright Grant, and two
National Endowment for the Humanities.  Previous solo shows include the
Hothouse Gallery in Chicago and the Hopkins Center for the Arts in Minneapolis.
She also has completed numerous murals and
 installations in galleries and museums worldwide.

The exhibit will run until October 1, 2016.
          Gallery hours are Monday-Saturday 10am–4 pm
            For further information call Wisdom House (860) 567-3163;
or click on:  www.wisdomhouse.org

Art & Politics Forum
Sunday, April 10, 2016
The artist has been called "ein rutler" - the disturber- the one who stirs things up.
What happens when artists stir up the status quo? Just how free are we to do that?
What is the role government in support of the arts in society?

The forum, a panel discussion followed by audience interaction, discussed
the role the that art has had in stirring up the status quo of our culture.
The role of censorship and freedom of expression was also discussed
as well as the role of government in its support of the arts.

The presenters included moderator Jack Gilpin, and panelists Barry Blitt,
Susan Clinard, Roberta B. Willis and Colin McEnroe.
Jack Gilpin, Moderator
Jack Gilpin is a noted stage, screen and television actor appearing in series
such as Law and Order and movies such as Quiz Show, Reversal of Fortune, et.al.

 Barry Blitt, Susan Clinard
Barry Blitt is the celebrated cartoonist and illustrator for The New Yorker magazine.
Susan Clinard is artist in residence at Eli Whitney Museum in New Haven, CT.
Her exhibits have been shown in New York, San Antonio
and her sculptures in galleries and collections worldwide.

Colin McEnroe, Roberta B. Willis
Colin McEnroe is the NPR host of “The Colin McEnroe Show”
and contributor to The Hartford Courant. He writes a blog
 “To Wit” for the Hartford Courant’s website.
Roberta B. Willis is the State Representative from the 64th district
and serves on the NWCT Arts Council Board, and
the Northwest Community College Advisory Board.

Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery Exhibit
"Navigating the Human Landscape"
by Susan Clinard
The exhibit will run until June 25, 2016
Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday ~ 10am-4 pm
Ms. Clinard began her sculpture work over twenty five years ago.
She works in wood, clay, bronze, wire and mixed media. Her work is an
exploration of nature’s forms, distorted and perfect, found and inspired.
She says, “It is art reflective of life which contains
the ugly and the beautiful without interruption.”
Ms. Clinard is artist in residence at the Eli Whitney Museum in Hamden, CT.
She is currently showing in New York, New Haven and San Antonio.
She has been awarded public commissions such as the Carnegie Foundation
 in New York City, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL and the City of Chicago.
She has taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Art, Chicago, and
Creative Arts Workshop, and Eli Whitney Museum, New Haven.
 Her sculptures can be found in galleries, public parks and in collections worldwide.
For further information call (860) 567-3163

Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery
"Interiors and Exteriors"
by  Mary Lou and Bob Alberetti
Artists' talk ~ Saturday, February 27

Architecture is the basis for Mary Lou Alberetti’s ceramic reliefs,
mixed media and collage.  Summers spent in Italy, Spain, Turkey and France
 provided the resources and inspiration. Architectural references,
 some literal, some more abstract, offer an aura of timelessness and
antiquity through the surfaces of multi-layered colors and textures.

Mary Lou Alberetti

Reliefs are inspired by the collages as well as having the collages
 informing the ceramic reliefs.   The resulting work reflects fragmented
architectural forms, with echoes of collective images of timelessness and antiquity.
Mary Lou Alberetti is a studio artist and professor emerita from
Southern Connecticut State University.  Her works are found in such civic,
private and corporate collections including HBO World Headquarters
 in NYC and the Mint Museum of Art and Design, North Carolina.  

Robert Alberetti

Robert Alberetti’s works combine and integrate his oils and mixed media /collage
works with a fresh viewpoint and interpretation influenced from his travels,
both home and abroad. Imagination and emotion are the catalyst for his paintings,
collages and mixed media works.  They include on-site paintings, sketches
and photographs. His process enables him to develop the formal attributes of color,
shape, texture, form and value, all with the intent of resonating with the viewer.
Robert Alberetti is an artist, educator and designer and retired as a
full professor from Western Connecticut State University in 2003.  
He has exhibited nationally and internationally in venues such as the
Panama Museum of Art, the DeYoung Museum, San Francisco,
the Pentagon, Washington, DC and the Aldrich Museum of Art, Ridgefield.

The Gallery regular hour are:
Monday – Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.
The exhibit will close on March 19, 2016.
For further information call (860) 567-3163

Living in the Divine Milieu
~ Friday, September 11, 2015
Sharing Teilhard de Chardin's discovery...
The cosmic vision and spirituality of  Jesuit priest and scientist,
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was the focus of a retreat given by noted scholar,
Ursula King, PhD, FRSA on September 11 and 12, 2015 at
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center in Litchfield, CT.

            The realization that the spirit of God flows through all of creation
 became the foundation of Chardin zest for life.  

            Presenting the program was international scholar Ursula King, PhD, RRSA.
King is a professor Emerita of Theology and Religious Studies and Senior Research
Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Bristol, England.  
She has lectured throughout the world and published numerous books
 and articles on interfaith dialogue, spirituality and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
Pierre de Chardin, Writings Selected.
This program was co-sponsored by the
Center for Catholic Studies at Fairfield University.

Cosmology Video
August 13, 2015
Sister Margaret Galiardi, OP discusses her week-long Cosmology retreat
at Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT in August 2015. Participants in the retreat
explored the inherent spirituality that emerges when we are mindfully present
to what is all around us, from the smallest to the largest,
 and contemplate the Divine Presence in the natural world.

Ephemera: Holding a Moment in Your Hand
by Jean Linville, PhD.
Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery
Opening ~ Saturday, May 16, 2015
The exhibit, an interactive, eco-focused installation in partnership with nature
 encourages the observer to rediscover the wonder and value or slowing their pace
and establishing a connection with the natural world. Examining how we build
connections to the land, while reflecting on the past and envisioning
a healthy environmental future is the artist’s focus.
Jean Linville, PhD
Jean Linville is an eco-artist and arts educator whose work has long been influenced
by her connection to wood and trees. She has had solo and group exhibitions at
The Rockefeller State Park Reserve, in Pocantico, NY, the Museo del la Fotografia,
Rafaela, Argentina and the New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY among others.
Her work has been commissioned by Aquefest 2010, Croton-on-Hudson, NY
and the South Ocean Art Gallery, Freeport, NY. She was inducted in 2004
 into the National Association of Women Artists.

The Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery is open
Monday-Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
For further information call (860) 567-3163

"Embracing Transformation: The Journey and the Cross"
Exhibit in the Marie Trichet Art Gallery
An artist’s talk with painter Janet McKenzie
Saturday, March 28, 2015
An exhibit of 15 oil on canvas paintings based
on the Stations of the Cross and The Resurrection.
“Embracing Transformation: The Journey and the Cross”
About Janet McKenzie
Janet McKenzie is an award-winning artist based in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom,
known for the incorporation of women, diversity, children and symbolic imagery in her work.
Her painting, “Jesus of the People” was selected winner of the National Catholic Reporter’s
competition for a new image of Jesus at the Millennium
by Sr. Wendy Beckett, art historian and BBC television host.





Click below to hear Janet McKenzie
talking about the exhibit.

Seven-Circuit Guided Labyrinth Walks
Introduction, video, labyrinth walk and reflection time

The labyrinth is open for walks during the daytime.
To arrange a guided labyrinth walk, call 860-567-3163
Suggested donation: $5
Sister Rosemarie Greco discusses the history
and use of the labyrinth at Wisdom House.
Program #LW

The Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery
at Wisdom House opened a new exhibit,
“The Distance Between Language and Light”
by Lori Robeau
on Saturday, September 27, 2014
Artist Talk
Using the ancient art form of the shadow lantern or shadow theatre,
The Distance Between Language & Light is a site specific installation utilizing light,
shadow and movement.  Its aim is to explore the non-verbal, unwritten language of
 images and sensory reality.  This art form is one of the earliest means of telling
stories and communicating with others.  The illuminations can be traced to ancient
Egypt, India, Indonesia and China. They were mainly used in religious ritual and sacred allegory.  
This installation places the viewer in a transitional space between reality and illusion.
The gallery will become a space filled with cycles, patterns, and objects in which one
can see and situate themselves, experience possibilities
and emerge into a new state of consciousness.

Lori Robeau holds an MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has exhibited
in group and solos exhibitions though out the Northeast including the Duxbury Art Complex Museum,
Duxbury, MA, The Warwick Art Museum, Warwick, R.I., The Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, CT
and the Pearl Street Gallery in Hartford.  Currently she holds a position at Western Connecticut State University
where she supports the BA and MFA programs and assists with all invitational and student exhibitions.  
Ms. Robeau continues to work as an interdisciplinary artist exploring abstract ideas about
subjectivity and the disjointed relationship between human kind and the natural world.


Food, Glorious Food: Eating with Intention and Compassion
was held on Saturday, May 17th at Wisdom House Retreat
and Conference Center in Litchfield CT.   
This interfaith program was a collaboration between Wisdom House
and the Greater Washington Coalition For Jewish Life.
The personal, environmental and societal benefits of eating with intention
and compassion were the considerations of this engaging program.  
William Duesing
The keynote speaker was William Duesing, founder and former Executive Director
of CT NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut).

For 40 years, organic farmer, author and environmental activist Bill Duesing has been
working to promote organic agriculture and greater local food sufficiency in Connecticut
and the Northeast through lectures, writings, media and community work.  With his wife Suzanne,
he currently grows fruits and vegetables on the Old Solar Farm and advocates for a local and
organic food system. He served for 12 years as the Executive Director of CT NOFA, the
Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut. For three years, he chaired the
board of the Community Farm of Simsbury which trains farmers, educates urban
and suburban students and provides certified organic food to the needy.

He is author of Living on the Earth: Eclectic Essays for a Sustainable and Joyful Future.  
Bill was the founding president of CT NOFA and founding chair of the New Haven Ecology Project
and its Common Ground High School, located on a farm in New Haven.  He was a founding
 board member and past president of the Connecticut Farmland Trust. For several decades,
 Bill gardened with elementary and high school students in New Haven and Bridgeport.  
For 10 years he wrote and delivered a weekly environmental essay on public radio from Fairfield, CT.

 Two panel discussions followed the keynote address. Chef Chris Eddy of Winvian, Morris, CT;
Patrick Horan of Waldingfield Farm, Washington, CT; John Morosani of Laurel Ridge Farm of Litchfield, CT;
and Shamu Sadeh of Adamah Farm of Falls Village, CT spoke about food production
and preparation as it relates to human health, the protection of the land, and animal welfare.

  L-R: Chef Eddy, Patrick Horan

  L-R: John Morosani, Shamu Sadeh

Rabbi Natan Margalit, author of Organic Torah website and Rabbi of the
Greater Washington Coalition For Jewish Life; and Rev. Susan McCone,
Rector of St. John’s Church, Washington, CT
addressed the moral and spiritual aspects of food.
L-R: Rabbi Natan Margalit, Rev. Susan McCone

Additional support for this program was provided by the CT NOFA
(Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut), the first and
leading grassroots association advocating for organic food,
farming, gardening and land care in Connecticut.

GWCJL is an inclusive Jewish community in Litchfield County that offers
an alternative to the traditional synagogue experience, providing its
members with a variety of spiritual, intellectual, social and interfaith events.

Art and Spirituality Forum – About Time:  
Today’s Challenge in the Arts,
Saturday, April 5, 2014
The immediacy and expediency of contemporary social media and its effect
on the richness and depth of creativity.  The panel for this forum:  
David Colbert, David Darling, Phoebe Katzin,
Sheila Nevins, and moderator Jack Gilpin.

Time Forum - Part 1

Time Forum - Part 2

Time Forum - Part 3

David Colbert is a sculptor and geometric artist. His work has been exhibited
at New Arts Gallery, Litchfield; The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield,  
Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, and New Britain Museum of American Art. He has done
solo shows at Florida State University and Western Connecticut State University, among others.

As an internationally known cellist, David Darling has produced several solo CDs
including his Grammy award-winning Prayer for Compassion.  He is also the co-founder
of Music For People an organization promoting improvisational musicianship.

Phoebe Katzin has been creating costumes for over twenty years.  
She is the lead costume designer for MOMIX and has worked in New York City for designers
Gregg Barnes and Kitty Leech as well as creating pieces for theatrical productions.

Sheila Nevins is president of HBO Documentary Films for Home Box Office overseeing
the development and production off all documentaries for HBO, HBO2 and Cinemax.  
As an executive producer she has received numerous Emmy, Peabody Awards  and Academy Awards.

Moderating the panel will be actor, Jack Gilpin who has performed on, off and off-off  Broadway.  
His television credits include Law and Order and The Good Wife and film credits include
Quiz Show, Reversal of Fortune and 21 among many others.
He was ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church in 2012.

The Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery
“Inner Light: “ Sculpture by David Colbert
The exhibit will run through September 13, 2014.  
Inner Light
Photo credit: Nicholas Jacobs
This exhibit will focus on slowing down and the perception of light.  
In a darkened room, viewers will be invited to observe
simple lines in space, varying in brightness and color.
David Colbert
Photo credit: Nicholas Jacobs
David Colbert has been working with geometric art for thirty-five years.  
He is also a practitioner of  T’ai chi ch’uan which has ultimately influenced an ongoing
simplification of his art.  He has done shows at New Arts Gallery, Litchfield, Chesterwood,
Stockbridge, MA and group shows at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield,
Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury and New Britain Museum of American Art. His solo shows
 include Katonah Museum of Art Public Art Commissions: Florida International University,
Kent State University and Western Connecticut State University.  
For further information about Mr. Colbert’s work visit: www.davidcolbert.com  
For further information about Wisdom House visit: www.wisdomhouse.org

The Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery has been an integral
part of Wisdom House for the past twenty years.  
It regularly features the works of local, national, and international artists.  
The gallery hours are Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Realms: Works of Mary Terrizzi,
Naya Bricher and Scott Bricher
Exhibit ran from January 19 to March 29
Litchfield.bz videos:  Intro ~ Mary ~ Naya ~ Scott
See what results from the intersecting lives of one artist family
... Mary Terrizzi, Naya Bricher, and Scott Bricher
The Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery at Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
announces the opening of a new exhibit:
“Realms: Works of Mary Terrizzi, Naya Bricher and Scott Bricher.

“Realms” is an unfurling record of the parallel journeys of this family of artists.  
The format of the unfurling, exquisite scroll, brings a fusion of the narrative of the
 traditional horizontal hand scroll with the drawing exercise called,
exquisite corpse, where the outcome us uncertain.

Mary Terrizzi is the Creative Director of Coracle Design in South Kent, CT and was previously
the Art Director at the White Flower Farm, Litchfield and Associate Art Director at the
Children’s Television Workshop, NYC.  She has exhibited at the NWCT Arts Tour:
Open Your Eyes, the 43th Annual Juried Members Exhibition at the New Britain Museum of
American Art and in the Juried Members Shows at the Kent Art Association, Kent, CT among others.

Recently graduated from Smith College in Northampton, MA, Naya  Bricher is continuing
her visual art studies at Smith and at the Fine Arts Center in Provincetown, MA.  
She  has shown her work at the 4th Annual 10x10x10xTieton, Mighty Tieton Warehouse
Gallery in Washington State, WAA Faculty Exhibition at the Washington, CT Art Association,
at the 63rd Art of the Northeast, Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, CT and many other galleries.

Scott Bricher spent many years as a teacher of fine arts courses ranging from
Parsons School of Design in New York , to the Pennsylvania Academy of Arts in Philadelphia, PA
and  Columbia University, NYC.  Some of the art galleries in which he has shown his work
are the Oresman Gallery, Northampton, MA, Fontbonne University Fine Arts Gallery,
 St. Louis, MO and the Silvermine Arts Center, New Canaan, CT.
For further information call Wisdom House at (860)567-3163,

Casagrande Institute for Interfaith Conversation
"Double Belonging – At Home In Two Traditions"
October 25 - October 27, 2013
L-R: Neil Soten Theise, MD; Ann Holmes Redding, PhD; Rev. Robert Kaku Gunn, PhD

Double Belonging – At Home In Two Traditions
 is the subject of the Casagrande Institute for Interfaith Conversation
at Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center.

For an increasing number of people their spiritual path leads them to practice
a second religion as well as their original one. This personal interreligious
 dialogue leads to a spiritual life of “double belonging” – or,
participating in two religious traditions at once.

This program examines how “double belonging” can affect
one’s spirituality and a person’s spiritual realization.
Presenting the program are Rev. Robert Kaku Gunn, PhD;
Ann Holmes Redding, PhD and Neil Soten Theise,MD.

Rev. Gunn is representing the Christian Buddhist experience;
He is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and an
ordained Soto Zen Buddhist priest in the Village Zendo, NYC.

Representing the Jewish-Buddhist experience is Neil Soten Theise, MD.
Dr. Theise is the Director of the Digestive Disease Department of
Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC and a member of the Village Zendo in NYC.

The Christian Muslin experience is being discussed by previously ordained
Episcopal priest and current Muslim, Ann Holmes Redding.

Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery
"Collage: A Cure for a Disordered Life"
~ Ingrid Freidenbergs
From pieces of fractured life a whole emerges.....
In collage, one can restructure and rejoin part, from the past,
from private passions, from the lost, from a shattered world;
in short, a cure for a disordered life.
Artist Reception Videos ~ Ingrid Freidenbergs
Sunday, September 15, 2013


Artist Talk: Harvey Offenhartz
In Extremis: The Stations of the Cross,
14 Abstractions,
Oil Paintings on Paper
by Harvey Offenhartz
April 9, 2011

1st Ecology and Spirituality Program
Saturday, June 1, 2013
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center held its first Ecology and Spirituality Program
on Saturday, June 1, 2013. This inaugural offering consisted of a conversation focusing
on the recent decline of the bee population and its effect on our lives and our planet.  
Presenting the program were Cate Bourke (left), Mother Ozanne Schumann, O.S.B. (center)
and Alphonse Avitabile (right) - BZ photo

BZ photos
Mr. Avitabile (left) is an Emeritus Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut
(Waterbury Campus) and is also the co-author (with Diana Sammatoro) of  The Beekeepers Handbook.
Mother Ozanne (right) is the beekeeper at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem and
serves on the Board of Directors of the Backyard Beekeepers Association.

Honey bees are dying at an alarming rate with U.S. beekeepers reporting losses of as many
as 50% of their bee populations.  This phenomenon had been linked to, among other things, the use
of certain pesticides.  The European Union has taken a major step to ban the use of these pesticides.   
An estimated $15 billion in agricultural benefits are at state.

"Requiem for Being: An Installation"
Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery
Exhibit: June 1-September 7, 2013
  An art installation, "Requiem for Being" by Cate Bourke (center) was inspired by
bee colony collapse disorder and opened on June 1, 2013.

An artist, Cate Bourke has been a teacher of pottery, an Artist in Residence and has held solo exhibits
in the Wood Gallery, Montpelier, VT and the Guilford Art Center among others.  

Taking bee colony collapse disorder as a point of departure, this ceramic art installation
will be a meditation on otherness, ambivalence and disconnectedness.

Ms. Bourke holds a MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Arts and has been an Artist in Residence
at East Hartford High School as well as a teacher of pottery. She has had solo exhibits at the West Cove Gallery,
West Haven, and the All Souls Sanctuary in New London and the Fisher Gallery in Avon.

Her work has been part of Group Exhibitions at the Wood Gallery, Montpelier, VT, the Therese
A. Maloney Art Gallery, Morristown, NJ and the Guildford Art Center in Guildford.
Visit Cate Bourke’s website at: (www.catebourke.weebly.com)

A special honeybee scuplture was created by the young artists at Frances Clem Studios in Bantam.
It was on display at Wisdom House in the meeting room.

"The Journey of the Artist"
a conversation among artists
@ Wisdom House on Sunday, April 29, 2013

Part 1
Part 2

photos by Jo-Ann Iannotti, OP
Sister Rosemarie Greco with Bryan Garcia,
President of the State's Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority
and Senator Andrew Roraback.
Ray Furse of Litchfield Hills Solar based in West Cornwall
describes the function of the inverter to change direct current
from the solar panels into alternating current.

Wisdom House activates new solar panels
Litchfield.bz (08-12-11)
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
unveiled its new 80 new solar photovoltaic panels
for the public during a dedication ceremony.

The panels are located on the roof of the center's Spruce Brook Barn
and are an example of Wisdom House's commitment to clean-energy initiatives,
according to Wisdom House Administrator Sister Rosemarie Greco

Funding the installation of the panels were a grant of $50,500
from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund,
now known as the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority,
$30,000 from both the Daughters of Wisdom and Friends of Wisdom House,
$10,000 from the Seherr-Thoss Foundation,
and $10,000 from Paula and Emma Desel.

Estimates show the panels generating about 15,500 kilowatt hours
of clean, renewable energy annually,
saving an estimated 10.7 metric tons
of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.
They will help Wisdom House reduce its energy use
by an estimated 25 percent, and over 30 to 40 years,
the panels will produce an estimated $300,000 worth of energy.

State Sen. Andrew Roraback, R-Goshen addressed the gathering
and praised Wisdom House for leading by example.
Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority President Brian Garcia
also spoke and credited Roraback
for his role in legislation that established the authority.

CEFIA's job is to promote, develop and invest in clean energy
and energy-efficient projects that would improve
 the environment and strengthen the economy.

About Wisdom House
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
is an interfaith center in a country setting.  
The center presents programs on spirituality, education and the arts
and has a commitment to energy conservation and sustainability.  
The center welcomes not-for-profit groups,
hosting events and offers hospitality.  
The center is a ministry of the Daughters of Wisdom.  
For more on Wisdom House, please visit www.wisdomhouse.org .

About the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA)
CEFIA was created by the Connecticut General Assembly in 2011.
It is the successor organization to the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.  
CEFIA’s mission is to promote, develop and invest in clean energy
and energy efficient projects in order to strengthen Connecticut’s economy,
protect community health, improve the environment,
and promote a secure energy supply for the state.  
CEFIA is governed by an 11-member board of directors
appointed by the governor and the leadership of the State Legislature.
As the nation’s full-scale clean energy finance authority,
CEFIA will leverage public and private funds to drive investment
and scale up clean energy deployment in Connecticut.  
For more information on CEFIA, please visit www.ctcleanenergy.com.