Women's Forum of Litchfield
The Women’s Forum of Litchfield, CT is an organization whose purpose is to
provide programs that reflect “a thoughtful exchange on subjects of general interest.”
Founded in 1914, the organization has had an impressive list of speakers
throughout its history including Eleanor Roosevelt.
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Women’s Forum of Litchfield Presents
Ghosts in our Ocean 
Thursday, November 1 ~ 2:30pm 
@ Litchfield Community Center
The Women’s Forum of Litchfield welcomes all to what promises
to be a lively and informative program entitled “Ghosts in our oceans:
Protecting marine wildlife” that will be held at the
Litchfield Community Center at 421 Bantam Road in Litchfield
 on Thursday, November 1, and beginning at 2:30pm. 

Elizabeth Hogan is the Program Manager for Oceans and Wildlife
with World Animal Protection, where she specializes in marine
wildlife entanglement in addition to work on marine debris, illegal wildlife
trade, whaling policy, and wildlife in captivity.  For the last five years
she has researched the impact of derelict fishing gear on marine
mammals and worked on establishing rescue networks and protocols
for entangled marine life.  She has previously worked with the
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) on protective policies and
fishing gear modification for the conservation of North Atlantic Right Whales. 

Prior to working in the animal welfare sector, Elizabeth developed
fifteen years of experience with government, corporate, and
non-profit organizations, including four years as a consultant on
climate change, deforestation policy, and sea level rise. She has also
worked in ecotourism development in Ecuador and with the Camara
 de Industrias of Costa Rica to assist Central American businesses
 in adopting environmentally sustainable business practices. 

Elizabeth is a contributing author to two books on corporate
social responsibility.  She has a degree in Foreign Service from
Georgetown University and a dual Master of Science in Marine & Coastal
Natural Resources and a Master of Science in Sustainable
Development from the University for Peace in Costa Rica
and American University in Washington, DC.

The event will be open to non-Forum members with a
$10 fee at the door, which includes a High Tea reception.
The contacts for more information are 860-567-3966

Women’s Forum of Litchfield Presents
“Stepping Back In History”
Thursday, October 3, 2013
@ Litchfield Community Center

Members of The Litchfield Women's Forum
Portraying the founding members, left to right:
Susan Spencer as Adelaide Deming
Leah Dmytrck as Elizabeth Buel
Lynn Wilson as Harriet Hubbard
Beth Boynton as Stella Van Lear
Susan Pollock as Annie Trumbull
Susan Pasquariello The Historian
photo by Laurellee McKiernan

Among the members and guests was 94yr. old Dorothy Kennedy (front left)
photo by Laurellee McKiernan

100 Years ~ Litchfield Women’s Forum ~ 2014
 Life in 1910-1914 was very difficult for women at that time they had no rights.
Women had no power to change any government ideas.
They were under patriarchal authority and could not vote.
In 1914 the Women’s suffrage movement was gaining momentum.

That same year Litchfield CT became the home of the Woman’s Forum.
Harriet Hubbard, wife of Philip Hubbard, the President of the First National Bank of Litchfield,
 invited a group of 14 of the town’s most active and interesting women to her home
for tea and to discuss the establishment of a woman’s club.
That was the beginning of The Litchfield Woman’s Forum.

On March 26 1914, Mrs. Hubbard placed an announcement in the Litchfield Enquirer:

In 1925, the Forum began inviting outside speakers and has played a remarkable role in bringing
well known people to Litchfield including Eleanor Roosevelt; the architect Marcel Breuer;
authors Katherine Ann Porter and Madeleine L’Engle; travel writer Eugene Fodor;
inventor of the helicopter, Igor Sikorsky; as well as an interesting mix of
speakers on subjects including art, music, travel, and current events.

Almost 100 years later, the Women’s Forum (as it is called) is open to men and women.
The philosophy has been maintained as well as the structure of
serving tea and refreshments after the guest speakers.

We now meet once a month from October to May at 2:30 PM at the Litchfield Community Center.
Membership fees: $35 a year - $10 fee for guests attending single programs.

The Women’s Forum has maintained the goal of the Forum
to provide enriching and enlightened programs.